Helping people feel better with integrative therapies: medical massage & nutritional counseling.

For pain relief, stress reduction, and the management of chronic & acute conditions.

Specializing in oncology massage, lymphatic massage, prenatal massage, and more!

Trigger Point Massage

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If you cannot breathe comfortably face down with a mask on, we can find special positioning for your comfort.

Receive Therapeutic Touch



Invite in self-care from one of our talented massage specialists. Receive applied therapeutic touch to manage chronic symptoms, or to simply make life a little better.

Eat for Health



 Manage symptoms of chronic conditions with professional guidance on an eating plan that is right for you. Cut through all of the internet noise around nutrition.

Kristina Page, Program Director


Nimbus Massage was born when Kristina had the idea to offer massage and wellness services on a membership basis– a wellness club instead of a health club. Nimbus opened its doors in 2009 in a one-room studio with Kristina as the solo therapist. It has grown over the years to its new Fan location with an amazing team of skilled and caring therapists who specialize in helping people living with pain– especially chronic pain. Kristina and the Nimbus team are excited to round out our programs with holistic services, like nutritional counseling and one-on-one functional training.

Kristina Page
Pete Finfrock is a person with glasses and short hair standing in front of a bush with green leaves and red berries.

Licensed Massage Therapist


Variable Pressure. Targeted sports-style massage with movement & stretching, for improved mobility and pain relief.

Revel Zachary

Licensed & Board Certified Massage Therapist


Light Pressure. Trauma-informed & trans-competent care. Specializing in massage for chronic pain and mental health.

Kassia Arbabi

Licensed & Board Certified Massage Therapist


Medium-firm pressure. Trauma informed massage, specializing in women with chronic pain. Accepting clients with fully boosted vaccinations.

Jimmy Cluverius

Licensed Massage Therapist


Medium pressure. Specializing in Swedish massage for relaxation and stress relief. Accepting vaccinated clients.

Licensed & Board Certified Massage Therapist


Medium-firm pressure. Specializing in oncology & lymphatic massage, massage for TMJ & pain relief, and reflexology.

James Arbuckle

Licensed & Board Certified Massage Therapist


Variable pressure. Specializing in massage for relaxation and pain relief, lymphatic massage, Thai massage, and reflexology.

Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Yoga Instructor


Medium pressure. Specializing in blended relaxation for pain and stress relief, mind-body connection, warm bamboo-fusion, and Thai massage.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer


Specializing in one-on-one personal training, including plyometrics, strength & functional training, and nutrition. Accepting vaccinated clients.


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October 5, 2021

Preventive Care for Reducing your Risk of Lymphedema Has your doctor told you that you might be at risk of lymphedema? Perhaps you’ve been through cancer treatment that involved lymph node biopsy or removal, or radiation therapy. Or maybe you have gone through a serious injury or burn. Lymphedema can occur after something damages the […]

September 4, 2021

Post op lymphatic massage can help ease recovery If you have had plastic surgery, your doctor probably recommended post op lymphatic massage. Also called manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), lymphatic massage is a light-pressure technique that assists the flow of fluid away from a swollen area by using your body’s own systems. Unlike a Swedish or […]

August 23, 2020

When we feel out of step, we can find centering through yoga. The Yoga for Resilience classes at Nimbus Massage focus more on achieving mental and emotional balance rather than physical fitness. What does that mean? To further explore, let’s discuss the concept of Window of Tolerance. by Morgan Howell Window of Tolerance Our Window […]


Perspectives from the Nimbus community about how massage can help.

Dr. Krystal Studivant, Psy.D.

As a doctor who works to help people become mentally well, I recommend Nimbus Massage to anyone seeking physical wellness. Nimbus helps each client become truly healthy through their high level of skill, care, and training.

Sapna S

The therapists at Nimbus are masters of their craft—I went to Kristina and she worked out all of my problem spots over a week ago and I still feel great! She really knows what she is doing. I have had many massages that are peaceful and relaxIng–this one was therapeutic and healing. You don’t even have to tell her what hurts, she can feel it and fix it.


How we helped a client back to wellness.

I first came to Nimbus Massage through my doctor’s recommendation. I have fibromyalgia. Through my research, I discovered that the massage technique of myofacial release had shown promise in alleviating pain for those suffering from this condition. Most of the “franchise spas” did not have therapists trained in this technique. Luckily, my doctor knew that Nimbus Massage did.

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