At Nimbus Massage, we specialize in helping people manage chronic conditions, especially chronic pain, through massage and other integrative therapies.

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Get your health and wellness back on track with all we have to offer. Nutritional therapy, yoga, and massage.


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Massage for Stress & Anxiety


Slow, soothing massage techniques to promote calm, relaxation and grounding. We can help ease anxiety, promote inner peace, and break the stress cycle.

Massage for Aches & Pains


A blend of orthopedic, sports, and other therapeutic massage techniques designed to ease occasional or recent onset pain.  We can help ease muscular, fascial, nerve, or joint pain.

Massage for Chronic Pain


We specialize in helping people manage chronic pain  arising from chronic pain syndromes, degenerative issues, repetitive motion injury, old injuries, chronic headaches, oncology-related pain, and more.

Kristina Page, Program Director


Nimbus Massage was born when Kristina had the idea to offer massage and wellness services on a membership basis– a wellness club instead of a health club. Nimbus opened its doors in 2009 in a one-room studio with Kristina as the solo therapist. It has grown over the years to its new Fan location with an amazing team of skilled and caring therapists who specialize in helping people living with pain– especially chronic pain. Kristina and the Nimbus team are excited to round out our programs with complementary services including meditation classes, wellness workshops, and yoga.

Kristina Page
Revel Zachary

Licensed Massage Therapist


Specializing in-
Massage for Stress & Anxiety
Trans Competent

James Arbuckle

Licensed Massage Therapist


Specializing in-
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Targeted Therapeutic Massage

Jimmy Cluverius

Licensed Massage Therapist


Specializing in-
Stress Relief
Swedish/Deep Tissue

Jordan Cannon

Licensed Massage Therapist


Specializing in-
Chronic Pain Management
Pediatric Massage

Kassia Arbabi

Licensed Massage Therapist


Board Certified/Specializing in-
Chronic Pain Management
Myofasical Release

Shelley Green

Licensed Massage Therapist


Board Certified/Specializing in-
Massage for Pain Relief
Neck, Shoulders, Feet, & Legs

Nina Lankin

Certified Yoga Instructor


Specializing in-
Calming Stress & Anxiety
Gentle & Beginner Yoga

Certified Nutritional Therapist


Specializing in-
Digestive Disorders
Functional Nutrition


Read our latest news from the company or general massage industry news. Feel free to ask questions in comments for any news you find interesting.

April 18, 2019

As a long-time allergy sufferer, and mom of two who little ones who share my allergic misfortune, I am always looking for natural allergy remedies. Whenever possible, I try to manage our symptoms without pharmaceuticals. Pollen season is particularly bad at our house, but I have found a few things that help keep our runny noses and dry coughs soothed.

March 24, 2019

Athletes of all levels use sports massage to keep their muscles ready to perform.

February 8, 2019

by James One commonly hears of a dichotomy in massage therapy between therapy and relaxation.  For example, when selecting the purpose of a massage, a client often specifies either “therapeutic massage” or “relaxation massage.”  Therapy is for fixing problems, and relaxation is for feeling good, for at least a short while.  Might relaxation, however, actually […]


Perspectives from the Nimbus community about how massage can help.

Dr. Krystal Studivant, Psy.D.

As a doctor who works to help people become mentally well, I recommend Nimbus Massage to anyone seeking physical wellness. Nimbus helps each client become truly healthy through their high level of skill, care, and training.


A physical job and a couple of accidents have given me some tight muscle areas that get sore from time to time. I think of massage as regular preventative maintenance for my muscles. It knocks out tension and pain and keeps me on the job.


How we helped a client back to wellness.

I first came to Nimbus Massage through my doctor’s recommendation. I have fibromyalgia. Through my research, I discovered that the massage technique of myofacial release had shown promise in alleviating pain for those suffering from this condition. Most of the “franchise spas” did not have therapists trained in this technique. Luckily, my doctor knew that Nimbus Massage did.


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