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Nutritional Therapy

Improving health and wellness from the inside

Are you ready to start being intentional about your health?

Are you ready to start making changes in your life?  And to start finally feeling better? Work with our certified nutritionist to get your personalized plan.

One-on-One Counseling

Nutritional Therapy can help you identify your dietary goals and guide you on your pursuit to reach them. Whether for a nagging health complaint, a challenging condition, or a general desire to feel well, there is support.

Our nutritionist, Sara Fields, is certified in Nutritional Therapy and functional nutrition. She has experience helping people manage their health through dietary and lifestyle counseling. She specializes in developing targeted approaches for each of her clients.

The hope is that you can start truly living with intention, finding joy and fulfillment in the choices you are making for yourself.  Feeling healthy and happy is achievable, and it’s up to us to make it happen for ourselves.

Through addressing underlying lifestyle and diet challenges, you can take control of your health and be intentional about your wellness.

Initial Consultation

You will receive an in-depth nutritional therapy session to review your food journal, health history, and nutritional assessment.  Based upon the findings, you will get customized recommendations, a one week meal plan, and additional supportive materials. This option is for people who are ready to make specific adjustments in their diet and lifestyle, and who are ready to see changes in their health.

Follow up consultation

Receive on-going support based on your specific goals and needs outlined during your initial consultation. This is for those looking to dig deeper, those who want ongoing support, or those who might want to incorporate functional testing (fees separate). Our sessions will include, but aren’t limited to: review of test results, troubleshooting protocols and diet, discussion of resources, and education on relevant topics.

Nutritional Therapy Program

If you have a stubborn health issue that you’re struggling to resolve, our Nutritional Therapy Program may be the best choice for you. Our nutritionist specializes in helping people manage health conditions through nutritional therapy.  The program typically lasts a few months and includes six sessions plus testing.

A program can help you manage:

  • Chronic digestive disorders such as IBS and GERD.
  • Food allergies and sensitivities.
  • Hormonal imbalances or shifts.
  • Problem skin.
  • ADD & ADHD.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Pre- and perinatal nutrition.

The basis of the program rests on a thorough health and nutrition intake, food journaling, and testing to check adrenal function, digestive function, food sensitivities, and possibly hormone levels. Testing fees are separate and go directly to the lab, but typically run around $350 each.

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