Improve vitality

Thai Yoga Massage

Eases pain, balances energy, and enhances flexibility.

Thai Yoga Massage is a unique and invigorating take on body work.

Thai Yoga Massage blends massage, energy work, joint manipulation, and stretching to help people achieve whole body wellness. It seeks to balance mind, body, and spirit. Since it follows a holistic approach to health, Thai Massage lends itself to a truly integrated sense of well-being.

People find it helpful in reducing pain from sore muscles, fibromylagia, and headaches. The therapist works through all quadrants of the body, pressing into the muscle and rocking the body. These techniques help the body to relax.

Although it seems that only flexible people would be able to acheive the stretching poses, those who need to improve their range greatly benefit, too. Many people use it to maintain or improve flexibility, for example to keep arthritis at bay. The therapist works with the client to challenge the limits of the muscles and joints, however stays within those limits.

Oftentimes, people also achieve relaxation and stress relief through a Thai session. The therapist works through each energy meridian to promote balance. Most people leave a session feeling simultaeously relaxed and reinvigorated.

Who should consider trying Thai?

  • People who want a full body massage.
  • Anyone who want a holistic massage blending body work with energy balancing.
  • Those who want to maintain and improve flexibility.
  • Anyone who prefer to remain clothed.
  • People seeking general pain and stress relief.

While the therapist traditionally works on a mat on the floor during a Thai Yoga Massage, Nimbus therapists can work on the floor or the table according to client preference. Either way the person receiving the work would wear comfortable stretchy clothes that can move along with the poses. A session starts face up, moves throgh some seated poses, and then turns face down. Like yoga, most stretches target multiple muscles at a time to give the body thorough attention.

Learn even more about this style of massage in our interview with therapist James Arbuckle in the Be Well Blog. Or, check out our short video demonstration.



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