Support A Healthy Pregnancy

Prenatal Massage

Feel more comfortable during pregnancy. Re-integrate post-partum.

Are you expecting a new addition to your family?

Massage is a wonderful way to support your healthy pregnancy. It can help calm the stress of such a big change in your life. Can ease the aches and pains that arise as your baby grows. And can help you feel better once the baby comes.

  • First, second, or third trimester.
  • General discomfort and worry.
  • Body WTF.
  • Low back pain, sciatica in later pregnancy.
  • Post-partum re-integrating.
  • Neck, arm, and upper back pain from nursing.
  • Feeling blarfed from disrupted sleep.
  • Some even seek massage in preparation of becoming pregnant.

Early on, the adjustments to what we do versus a non-prenatal massage are very minimal. As your pregnancy progresses we adjust the techniques and positioning according to your comfort and safety. That means lots of pillows! Since our team specializes in pain relief, they can also help you if you have any discomfort arise in your body.

prenatal massage in side-lying positionIn the past, women in their first trimester were cautioned against massage because massage was not as well understood and the early stages of pregnancy are considered the most delicate. Now, many medical providers recommend prenatal massage throughout the entire term.

However, if you have a high risk pregnancy or experience any health concerns (gestational diabetes, High Blood Pressure, possible preeclampsia, etc…) we do require that you consult with your medical provider to gain consent to begin or continue a massage program.

For most people we recommend a 60 minute session.

Nimbus Massage came highly recommended to me by my acupuncturist. I was looking for a massage therapist that was certified in prenatal massage. I started about 3 months before we got pregnant and saw her weekly throughout my pregnancy until a week before I delivered our twins! Not only did the massages relax me but the therapist worked on areas that were impacted by the pregnancy like my hips and back. Along with the acupuncture, my massage therapy was key to my successful pregnancy! And now, after delivery, they are key to my recovery. We were even shown how to give infant massages to help their development. As for the rest of the group – I have seen James as well and he is amazing finding those tight muscles! Nina is great too – keeps the office running! I have recommended Nimbus to all my friends and colleagues. Love this place!!


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