For recent onset pain

Massage for Pain Relief

Help for muscular, nerve, fascial, or joint pain.

Have you recently pulled a muscle doing something “stupid?”

Overdone it with exercise or other physical activity? Did you wake up with a crick in your neck? Do you feel tight or sore from time to time and you can’t quite pinpoint it? A therapeutic massage designed to target soft tissue injury can help get you back to better.

Book a Therapeutic Massage to address pain from:

Athletic Training

Massage can help keep athletic muscles in shape and functioning and can aid recovery from over training. Any level of athlete from just starting a program to elite athlete can benefit from therapeutic massage. Our therapists can apply sports massage techniques to help restore tight aching muscles and get you back into training. Post-event massage is also popular after a race or tournament.

Muscle Pull or Recent Injury

Massage can help ease pain from a recent injury. For firmer pressure massage please wait until any swelling, heat, and redness has subsided before booking a session. Many people seek massage to ease pain, improve function, and speed healing after hurting themselves.


For people who are preparing for surgery, massage can help keep the muscles healthy prior to the procedure. Once the surgical consult is complete, and directly post-surgery, lymphatic massage may help reduce pain and aid recovery. Further into rehab, with medical clearance, muscular massage can help get into the tissue itself to reduce scarring, ease pain, and improve movement.

Nerve Entrapment

Often, massage can help ease the pain when a muscle presses on a nerve. If the root (or part) of the cause of pain from sciatica, piriformis syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, etc… is from muscular pressure along the nerve pathway, massage can help. The therapist focuses on following the nerve and relaxing the muscles around it.

General Soreness and Tension

If you have a recent onset or recurring mild to moderate general muscular tension and pain, massage can often make you feel much better. Depending on your individual case a short series of sessions may be optimal. Massage can also help improve pain related to fascial restriction, some types of nerve pain, and certain joint pains.

Generally speaking, your therapist will communicate with you more during a massage to target a specific muscle pain or injury than during a relaxation massage. To work effectively, your therapist may ask you for frequent feedback during the session. Be prepared to have at least some communication during the session, even if you zone out into a relaxation session after working through your problem area.

Although part of the work does involve reproducing pain patterns to relieve them, Nimbus therapists are great at adjusting their pressure to your needs. We go slowly and work within the “good pain” range (using too much pressure can be counterproductive). Each therapist can use light, moderate, or firm pressure.

We recommend a 90 minute massage for pain relief to start. This will give your therapist time to assess and address the issue and any related problem-areas.

If the problem has been ongoing or is more intense, we recommend a rehab package.

Add Therapeutic Hot Stone to enhance your session with the benefits of moist heat. Or try a Thai Yoga Massage if you want to incorporate a lot of stretching.

If something in your routine flares you up on a recurring basis, we recommend a membership.

If your pain has lasted three months or more, check out our info on Massage for Chronic Pain.

If you are in acute pain, please see a medical professional. Wait until the pain has lessened and you have been cleared of serious injury before undergoing a massage session. When not to get a massage.

Some of the techniques your therapist may employ during a Massage for Pain Relief include: Myofascial Release, Stretching, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point TherapySwedish Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, and Hot Stone Massage.

A physical job and a couple of accidents have given me some tight muscle areas that get sore from time to time. I think of massage as regular preventative maintenance for my muscles. It knocks out tension and pain and keeps me on the job. – JR

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