Deeply relaxing

Lymphatic Massage

Helps bolster the immune system and promote healing.

Have you recently had an injury or surgery that has left you swollen, stiff, and sore?

Do you have fibromyalgia and experience flare-ups with deeper pressure massage? Are you looking for a natural way to manage sinus and allergy symptoms? Would you like to bolster your immune system?

Book a Lymphatic Massage to help ease your symptoms.

Light and rhythmic, lymphatic massage, also known as Manual Lymphatic Drainage or “MLD,” feels supremely relaxing while it does its work. Instead of targeting the muscular system like in a typical massage, the therapist focuses on the surface layers right below the skin to draw the lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes. At the lymph nodes, the immune system checks everything out to keep the body safe and healthy.

Many people say that Lymphatic Massage “flushes toxins” out of your body. This isn’t exactly how it works, but it was developed to enhance the body’s natural ability to process foreign bodies through the immune system while helping keep down swelling. Although we offer lymphatic massage for the aforementioned needs, we do not currently offer Lipossage or Complete Decongestive Therapy for advanced lymphedema management.

Revel is a wonderful caring kind healer and I couldn’t recommend them enough! It helped so much when my internal bruising wouldn’t go away after top surgery and helped so much with the pain!
– RK

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