Natural Allergy Remedies


by Allison Little

As a long-time allergy sufferer, and mom of two who little ones who share my allergic misfortune, I am always looking for natural allergy remedies. Whenever possible, I try to manage our symptoms without pharmaceuticals. Pollen season is particularly bad at our house, but I have found a few things that help keep our runny noses and dry coughs soothed.

Essential Oils

I use essential oils both topically and in a diffuser as one of our natural allergy remedies for the whole family. I currently have pure eucalyptus and a specially made “congestion blend.” The eucalyptus through the diffuser seems to work the best for my symptoms- I breathe easier throughout the day. My kids love the roll-on congestion blend- it smells good and tickles when I apply it. It’s a fun way to get them started on, and through, their school day.

Hot/Cold Pack

If I have the time, a good old hot or cold pack can give me relief. Sometimes cold feels better, sometimes hot, I just go by what I’m feeling. You can find sinus pillows that can be popped in the microwave for warmth or stored in the freezer for cold. They won’t break the bank and are a nice way to rest and ease sinus pain or pressure.

Nose spray

I have tried both a neti pot and a spray and find that the spray works best for me. It is a quick and easy way to rinse out the nose and cool off the hot feeling from inside. The spray has a nice gentle pressure and natural ingredients that don’t inflame an already irritated area. Quick and easy!


I recently discovered lymphatic massage and was surprised at how much relief I got. One half hour session got me to release a ton of stuff from my sinuses. It was relaxing light-pressure massage that definitely stimulated my sinuses. In the future, I will ask my therapist to add lymphatic massage to my regular session whenever I get stuffy.


Of course, living a healthy lifestyle in general helps, too. Any kind of activity that boosts the immune system can help the body deal with allergies more efficiently. Exercise, eating well, and getting rest all go together for staying well.

The team at Nimbus has worked with me over the years and has supplied me with a number of the natural allergy remedies that I use. They carry the essential oils, hot/cold packs, and, of course, lymphatic massage. The nose spray that works for me is —-. For all the other allergy sufferers out there, I hope this helps, and I hope you get good some good relief. Then get out and enjoy life!

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