Open your window and allow in centering through yoga


When we feel out of step, we can find centering through yoga. The Yoga for Resilience classes at Nimbus Massage focus more on achieving mental and emotional balance rather than physical fitness. What does that mean? To further explore, let’s discuss the concept of Window of Tolerance.

by Morgan Howell

Window of Tolerance

Our Window of Tolerance falls in a state of balance between too much and too little stimulation. When at the high end, or hyper-arousal, we might experience symptoms of anxiety. The low end, or hypo-arousal, on the other hand, might lead to symptoms of depression. Finding the comfortable middle, however, allows us to meet life’s challenges with a sense of resilience and clarity. It also allows us to better receive and process new information. 

Everyone’s Window of Tolerance is a little different depending on our life experiences. We can even experience a varying Window within ourselves. For me, I feel like I have a decent sized Window of Tolerance when I’m driving my car, but my window shrinks when I’m speaking in front of a large group of people. I have friends who have the exact opposite experience-they are totally collected in front of a room of people, but have a smaller range of tolerance behind the wheel.

We can make shifts toward centering through yoga

The focus of Yoga for Resilience is to make shifts toward balance, and, over time expand the Window of Tolerance. Yoga for Resilience could be a great auxiliary to a treatment plan for anxiety, depression, or trauma recovery or part of your self care plan to maintain an optimal state of wellness. It helps move us towards our center, by practicing connecting with ourselves.

We all flow up and down at different points throughout our lives. Yoga for Resilience can help us build a sense of sustainable nourishment when we are feeling low, think a nourishing cup of soup rather than a stimulating cup of coffee. It can also help us let go, release, and rest when we are feeling over-charged. Yoga for Resilience involves a combination of slow, mindful movements; breath-centered movements; meditation; and the ethical components of yoga. At Nimbus Massage, you can choose to practice in a group, or receive something specifically tailored for your needs through private sessions. 

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