Yoga for Resilience

What is Yoga for Resilience?

by Morgan Howell

My yoga teacher, Kristine Kaoverri Weber, likes to point out the difference between “innercise” and exercise. Exercise has various, Yoga teacher with hands to heartwonderful health benefits that most of us already know about. Similarly, “innercise” or slowing down, mindful movement, and practicing self awareness, can also benefit us in many ways.

Can you think of a time in your life when you were busy and preoccupied? Perhaps you got so wrapped up you stopped noticing things like when you needed to eat or rest. Likewise, perhaps you stopped making time to connect to the things in life that give you a deep sense of joy, meaning, and fulfillment. I know when I have those periods in my life, they are typically followed by feelings of burnout and then catching an illness. A sort of forced rest.

(Re) Connect with yourself

Yoga for Resilience’s focus on “innercise” helps you as a student develop the capacity to notice how you feel, and in-turn what you need to maintain good self-care. Whether you are feeling up or down or somewhere in the middle Yoga for Resilience can help you develop awareness and from there, make a shift back toward balance. At a deeper level, the development of inner awareness can also lead to a deeper sense of self; knowing who you are; and what you feel called to do with your life. 

Physically, this type of class is typically gentle and moderately paced. In contrast, vinyasa yoga classes are fun and a great work out and generally faster-paced. Yin, or restorative, yoga classes on the other hand are deeply healing and regenerative. Yoga for Resilience classes at Nimbus (inspired by Subtle Yoga ) offer something a little different. The pacing falls somewhere in between those examples. 

Yoga for Resilience classes focus more on nervous system regulation than fitness. Indeed, they allow you to get to know the spectrum of your nervous systems and learn how to become present with yourself. It is accessible for beginners and students with complex health needs. However, that does not mean that you can’t also improve your fitness. Since, I shifted my personal yoga practice to more of a Subtle-inspired practice, I notice I’ve gotten physically stronger. However, more importantly to me, I have a deeper sense of ease and balance in my daily life, a kinder relationship with myself, and a stronger sense of self. 

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