Rock on, turn up the heat, get stoned… Aside from being a bad pun writer’s dream, hot stone massage enhances relaxation and feels amazing. Especially welcome during the cool months, adding a touch of warmth to a relaxation massage helps fight the winter blahs as well as the increased muscle tension felt from the cold. […]


“Get off the table and onto the floor for a Thai Yoga Massage” Feeling adventuresome or ready to try a little something different as part of your (massage) wellness routine? Get off the table and onto the floor for a Thai Yoga Massage to challenge your flexibility and leave you feeling revitalized. Often referred to […]


Living with fibromyalgia can be disheartening, depressing, and, while in the depths of the worst days, downright bleak. No one wants to lose the ability to conduct a normal, pain-free, easy-functioning life. To worry whether they will have enough energy each day to get dressed and go downstairs. To have to routinely say “no” to a lot of life’s little pleasures […]


Massage legislation? Really? Yes, really. For those massage nerds out there, here’s some interesting info about our community. The Virginia massage community has a bill, HB 562, in this year’s General Assembly seeking stronger licensing laws. The current law states that a person may not call themselves a Certified Massage Therapist if they have not […]


Energy work for balancing your life force. Polarity therapy. Kassia brings a new (to Nimbus) flavor of energy work called Polarity Therapy. Never having experienced the work, I “volunteered” to try it out so that I could give you all the scoop. As with a regular massage session, we began by sitting and discussing the […]


by Kristina Page We all need a break sometimes. A break from the routines and habits that pile up to overwhelm us, stress us, and lead us to burn out. I recently attended a seminar about codependency and burn out in the self-employed as a favor to the seminar organizer who wanted to ensure […]

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