Polarity Therapy


Energy work for balancing your life force. Polarity therapy.

Kassia brings a new (to Nimbus) flavor of energy work called Polarity Therapy. Never having experienced the work, I “volunteered” to try it out so that I could give you all the scoop.

As with a regular massage session, we began by sitting and discussing the different goals that we would like to accomplish. Kassia walked me through the five elements that comprise Polarity Therapy and we selected two things to work on during the hour. As with many eastern systems, each element corresponds to a physical area of the body and an emotional state. For example, if you wanted help getting unstuck from a rut, becoming more grounded, or working on neck issues, you might focus on the earth element.

We heated up the table warmer and I simply laid on top, face up, fully clothed. As I relaxed and focused on my breathing and presence, Kassia worked at my head, legs, feet, and abdomen with prolonged hand placements. First she worked on the right side of my body, then the left. Everything moved slowly and gently. I felt myself drifting a little. At one point, I thought I felt a gentle rocking at my solar plexus, although Kassia wasn’t touching it. (It turns out, she was doing the element that corresponds to solar plexus!)

At the end of the session I felt very calm, peaceful, and relaxed. Over the days following the session, I have felt more centered and balanced and full of energy, which directly corresponds to what we worked on. I have also had very little in the way of physical complaints.

If you have tried energy work before, I would definitely recommend trying Polarity the next time you feel unbalanced. If you are curious, but have no experience with energy work, you might explore by having Kassia incorporate some into a massage session– the best of both worlds!


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  • Melissa

    March 29, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Yes good energy wirk is great and useful with massage sessions! Thankyou for your post! 🙂

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