Be well


Gentle and effective movement to promote well-being.

Do you want to feel more calm, centered, and vital?

Or gently build strength and flexiblity? Does the idea of improving your mindfulness skills appeal to you? Building a yoga practice with the guidance of a certified instructor can help you succeed.


Yoga Flow for Stress & Anxiety

Our mainstay class. This gentle yoga practice helps you shift into a place of mindfulness and calm. The instructor takes you through a series of poses and designed to help the nervous system unwind and reset. You will also be able to connect with your body and work on strength, balance, and flexibility. Accessible for all levels– no previous experience (or flexibility) necessary!

Classes held Saturdays at 10am. View schedule and reserve your spot.


Foundational Yoga

This series of classes takes you back to the beginning to learn the proper technique for popular poses. Each class addresses a handful of poses so that you can have time to learn and practice. Great for beginners or anyone who has been thrown into a large class without much guidance or instruction and feels a little lost or unsure about the proper technique. Also touches on philosophy and background. Coming this summer.

Tiny Group Classes

Each class has five or less students so each attendee can receive more individualized attention and instruction.

  • One class = $20
  • Series of four classes = $68 (Purchase here)
  • Series of eight = $120 (Purchase¬†here)

Private Instruction

If you would like an indidualized class just for you, try our one hour one-on-one lessons. Great for anyone who wants customized instruction or private sessions.

  • Single Session – $80
  • Members receive their package or member rate.

Your instructor will help you learn yoga in a way that develops a practice that works for your body.



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