Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy, or NMT for short, uses a targeted approach to find and relieve areas of muscle pain and tension. During a neuromuscular therapy session, the massage therapist systematically works through a group of muscles that are causing the client pain. Generally, the session focuses on one area instead of the entire body. As the therapist slowly works through the bands of tissue, they stop on points that are tender to the client and apply a moderate pressure. Using feedback from the client, the massage therapist holds the point until the tenderness subsides, then continues to the next tender point. The therapist keeps going until they cover the entire area.


Typically, the therapist will work through the same area multiple times reaching increasingly deep layers of tissue. After loosening the tissue, the therapist may also stretch the muscle. All of this works together to melt away muscle pain without using excessive force.


Who should try Neuromuscular Therapy?

You should try NMT if you suffer from muscular pain- especially if you have chronic, long-term problem areas in which it feels like a whole muscle or muscle group has started to tense up and become tender. It also helps people who have lots of knots all over or dense muscles that let go slowly. Try NMT if you want the benefit of deep tissue massage applied with a gentle pressure. Or, if you like firmer pressure, the therapist can use an NMT approach with a firmer, more aggressive, pressure.


At Nimbus Massage, we use neuromuscular therapy, as part of our treatments for chronic pain and general aches and pains including: sore muscles, neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, pulled muscles, shoulder pain, arthritis, hip pain, leg pain, carpal tunnel, sore feet, headaches, and more. Since the results are both gentle and effective, we apply this technique often to help with pain relief. NMT is the quintessential targeted therapeutic massage.

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