Office body. When too much desk time becomes a pain.


Logging hour after hour in the data stream takes a toll on the human body. Modern office work leads to fatigue, stress, and often, physical pain. Staying locked into position over a work desk can put all sorts of strain on the physique, something we’ve dubbed “office body.” In the massage room, we help people daily who have developed chronic muscle soreness from working in the digital era.

Common Office Body Concerns

The number one “office body” complaint we treat is what we like to refer to as “tech neck.” Hunching over a computer like a T. Rex leads to neck, shoulder, and upper back pain.  Starting as an annoyance, if left unchecked the achiness can turn into full-blown pain.

The second most common “office body” problem is lumbar pain. Sitting for hours on end locks the lower body into position leading to tension and soreness in the thighs, hips, and low back. Over time pain creeps in making sitting and getting up difficult.

Another common “office body” issue is arm pain such as carpal tunnel, sore wrists, and sore elbows. Even the busy hands get cramped and sore. For those who type all day, this can make for a miserable work day.

Sometimes, computer work related aches and pains even lead to missed days from work and sitting out on life.

How Massage Can Help

Taking time out to disconnect on the massage table can help unwind these, and other, effects of “office body.” Over time, both the shortened muscles in the front of the body, and the stretched muscles in the back of the body, become tight and sore. Using therapeutic massage techniques can lessen the pain, relax the tension, and rebalance the muscles.

In addition to directly working on tight muscles, massage also eases stress and combats burn out. It can help people get out of the body’s stress cycle and re-set into rest mode. Stepping out of the loop of chronic stress and learning ways to incorporate relaxation into regular living can greatly support overall wellness.

So whether you have stress or muscular pain and tension, massage can get you on the pathway back to better.

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