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My physicians prescribed deep tissue massage therapy to treat my chronic pain caused by Fibromyalgia. For at least three years I have been seeing Kristina Page at Nimbus Massage. In addition to Fibromyalgia, I have severe joint instability (EDS Type III) so if my muscles are relaxed too much, too quickly, then my joint instability can worsen. I found this out when I saw other massage therapists prior to starting my treatment with Kristina. Kristina has a delicate and cautious touch, and has been able to find the right balance to treat my Fibromyalgia pain without worsening my joint instability. Her deep tissue massage therapy works better than pain medication for me. In 2013, I was on Fentanyl patches, which are 50-100 times more powerful than morphine, but I unfortunately have insanely high metabolism so most medications don’t work for me. They either don’t work at all or they cause more severe side effects than benefits; sometimes both. I was able to go off the Fentanyl patches and have better pain relief after I started massage therapy with Kristina.

R.D. Lewis

I first came to Nimbus Massage through my doctor’s recommendation. I have fibromyalgia. Through my research, I discovered that the massage technique of myofacial release had shown promise in alleviating pain for those suffering from this condition. Most of the “franchise spas” did not have therapists trained in this technique. Luckily, my doctor knew that Nimbus Massage did.

For the past four years I have been a client of Nimbus on a regularly scheduled basis. My therapist literally keeps me moving. Through the therapy I have been able to significantly dial back on the pain meds that I take. I have even experienced months where I have been pain med free. The therapy keeps me flexible and allows me to maintain a full range of motion.

Nimbus Massage’s therapists are skilled in their particular area of expertise. All of them participate in continuing education classes. The therapists are kind and compassionate. They truly want you to improve and feel better. Nimbus provides me a quality of life that my pain meds alone cannot. In fact if forced to choose, I would select massage therapy over my pain meds.

Sue F.

A Client’s Story of Wellness


When Sue finally got her diagnosis of fibromyalgia and began treatment she was to the point that she couldn’t raise her arm above her shoulder. PT for a misdiagnosis of frozen shoulder had only gotten her so far and there were days when she required assistance for the basics such as eating. A referral from her Rheumatologist and some independent research brought her to massage and Nimbus.

Since previous massages had worsened Sue’s symptoms, we began with one session of light myofascial massage with gentle stretching for 30 minutes to gauge its effect. The first day after she felt like she had exercised and then felt much better the following day including better sleep, so we began a weekly protocol of 30 minute myofascial and stretch sessions.

As Sue began to regain movement and become accustomed to the work, we gradually increased the length of time and intensity of the sessions to include direct work on Trigger and Tender Points. We now do a weekly maintenance routine of 60 or 90 minutes which may include myofascial work, stretching, lymph massage, and neuromuscular therapy depending on her needs.

The stretching we do in the studio has also helped her develop a daily self-care stretching routine that helps to retain mobility and flexibility between sessions. In particular we’ve implemented stretches that target the back, hips and shoulders which are areas of chronic flare-up.

With massage, allopathic medicine, and a good self-care routine Sue has maintained her flexibility, improved her sleep, and reduced her overall pain. She has also, under the care of her medical team, been able to reduce her pharmaceutical load. While high levels of activity or long periods of bad weather can still lead to flare-ups, overall she is able to keep up a fairly active lifestyle.

Sue F.

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