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Trigger Point Massage

We Provide

Therapeutic Massage

We would be a good fit for you if you want to work primarily in a therapeutic environment and plan to specialize in working with complex needs clients, but can also see relaxation clients.

– Chronic Pain
– Injury/Surgical Recovery
– Chronic Illness
– Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression
– Perinatal

We primarily cater to clients who use massage to manage their health. We develop treatment plans for their care, use research to inform our practice, and do online SOAP charting. We’re not snobby, we think relaxation is therapeutic, too!

We Value

Diversity & Community

We would be a good fit for you if you thrive while working with a broad range of people and look forward to serving all folx. We keep an eye on diversity and community when it comes to:

– Staffing
– Clientele
– Vendors/Partners
– Marketing
– Contractors

We work to be welcoming and accommodating for our team and community. We have a framework of service and generosity. We embody the idea of small, local businesses who work as part of their community.

We Honor

Knowledge & Integrity

We would be a good fit for you if you view yourself as a professional with a high level of ethics and a thirst for improving your knowledge and skills. We support this through:

– Mentorship
– Access to learning material
– Residency program for recent grads
– Continuing education
– Adhering to ethical standards

Whether simple “shop talk“ or formal education, we support each team member with a development plan. With clients, we recognize our scope, practice client-centered care, work with informed consent, and honor privacy.

We Offer

Work & Benefits

We see ourselves as offering the security or employment with some of the perks of independence.

TEAM ENVIRONMENT- Be surrounded by supportive colleagues.

FLEXIBILITY & CONSISTENCY- We will work together to create a base schedule that matches your availability with our client flow. Once set, we do have some flexibility to rearrange hours when life occurs.

FAIR PAY- We offer pay well above entry industry rates even for beginner therapists, more for seasoned therapists. Plus an extra bonus if you are Board Certified.

BENEFITS- We offer benefits such as paid time off, discounts, and license reimbursement for all employees. Full-time team members accrue further benefits including health care.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT- We offer individualized professional development opportunities. For beginner therapists we offer the Massage Lab Residency Program designed to level up your career.

TRANSITIONING- We know running a business is hard. We often hire therapists transitioning out of self-employment. No accounting!

We Expect

Skills & Qualifications

CORE MASSAGE TRAINING- You must have completed training from an accredited school and received your license. We expect you to be able to apply Swedish Massage Techniques and to have had exposure to Sports, Trigger Point/Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Hot Stone Massage.

TREATMENT PLANNING- You should be able to perform a thorough client intake, tailor the massage appropriately, and develop ideas for future sessions. This includes being able to adjust pressure and techniques to fit the client’s session goals, safety, and comfort.

GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF A&P and CONTRAINDICATIONS- A solid foundation of knowledge of the body and pathology create the basis for your work.

GOOD PALPATION SKILLS- Using your knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and the client’s feedback, you should be able to “listen“ to the body and treat accordingly.

PROFESSIONALISM- Bring your professional self to work. We expect professionalism and reliablility in interactions with colleagues and clients.

TEAM SPIRIT- You will be joining a small business team. We all work together to support each other and get things done.

A couple receiving a massage

We Would Love

Extra Bonus

While we will train less experienced candidates, those with additional skills and experience start at a higher commission rate. We want all of our staff to learn/obtain the following:

– Myofascial Release
– Neuromuscular Therapy
– Oncology Massage
– Couples Massage
– Chair Massage
– Hot Stone Massage
– Indications of Massage for specific conditions
– Board Certification

Other services we offer where your skills might come in handy.

– Lymphatic Massage (incl. post-op)
– Thai Massage
– Reflexology
– Energy Work

We are interested in candidates who are eager to build a clientele and able to have some flexibility to take corporate massage events and other special business opportunities as they arise. Our ideal team member is interested in massage as a career, not a side-hustle.

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