During the coronavirus outbreak we have special protocols designed with your health in mind.

Contactless Check In/Check Out

In order to minimize time and touch by multiple people in our common areas we have enabled full contactless check in and check out.

  • Book through the web.
  • Completeyour intake forms in advance via our portal.
  • Pay in advance online.
  • Create multiple/standing appointments.
  • Cancel/reschedule through the web.

Screening and client flow

We have implemented health-care facility client flow and screening procedures.

contactless digital thermometer

  • Call/text upon arrival instead of waiting in the lobby.
  • Fill out COVID-19 specific screener questions.
  • Temperature check upon arrival.
  • Wear your face mask at all times inside the building including during the session.
  • Wash hands prior to session.
  • Staff can manage door knobs for you.
  • No visitors allowed.
  • Follow cough hygiene.

Staff screening and PPE

Our staff will also be undergoing special safety precautions.

  • Daily screening with COVID-19 specific screener questions.
  • Daily temperature checks.
  • Required to wear surgical mask and face shield or N95 mask plus clothing covering during session.
  • Gloves available upon request.
  • Rigorous hand washing.

Cleaning and sanitation

We are following guidelines for enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures.sanitizing a surface

  • All tables, pillows, face rests, etc… are covered with a protective barrier that can be sanitized between each session.
  • We will be minimizing items in the rooms and public areas to create fewer contact surfaces and ones that are easy to clean/sanitize. We will be sanitizing these areas after each client.
  • The sanitizers we use are EPA approved for COVID-19 applications.
  • All linens are always washed and changed between each client.
All of these precautions will be in place so that you and our staff can Be Well.

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