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Morgan Howell


Certified Yoga Instructor – Richmond, VA

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Comfortable and Accessible Yoga

Morgan Howell has a passion for slow, mindful, accessible yoga which helps students of all walks of life create a compassionate and loving relationship with themselves. She spent several years as an advocate for survivors of sexual and domestic violence and continues to serve survivors by offering a weekly yoga support group at Hanover Safe Place. She’s been a proud ambassador for Project Yoga Richmond since 2015 where she co-leads Love Your Body, Yoga for Women and has taught several of PYR’s community outreach programs.

Morgan Howell- Style & Specialties

  • Slow, gentle flow
  • Adapting poses to student ability
  • Mindful approach to yoga
  • Accessibility for all students
  • Connecting mind and body
  • Trauma-informed
  • Complementing a medical care plan
  • Yoga for stress, anxiety, & depression
  • Community outreach
  • LGBTQIA+ community


  • Completed 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training through Om-On Yoga with Kelly Kostecki
    and J Miles in  2014.
  • Completed 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training throughSubtle Yoga in Asheville, NC with Kristine Kaoverii Weber in 2019.
  • Received on-going training in trauma-informed yoga through Sacred Roots Wellness,
    Project Yoga Richmond, and the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance.
  • Certified as a Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Leader.

Morgan has worked with a number of special populations. These include: survivors of sexual violence, survivors of domestic violence, adults and teens experiencing mental health crisis, professionals effected by vicarious trauma, children and adults with special needs, cancer survivors, and seniors.

Morgan was a wonderful instructor. She was clear, confident, and I could follow her without looking at her.
As someone with fibromyalgia, I found this particular yoga calming and soothing.  In addition, the breathing Morgan taught me has been invaluable to my practice.  Overall, my experience with Morgan was fantastic.
Morgan’s spirituality shines from every pore.  That in and of itself made the yoga, the breathing, and the meditation, authentic and genuine, just like her.
I love working with Morgan! I have worked with her in both public and private settings with a history of chronic backpain. The movement and breathing technique she has taught me carry over outside of class. There has been a great opening up in my body since we started working together thanks to her caring, observant nature and expertise.

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