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Jordan Cannon

Jordan Cannon

Licensed Massage Therapist


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Jordan Cannon focuses her work on chronic pain management. Whether the pain arises from muscular overuse of a condition such as fibro, she can help! She also sees a strong connection between the mind and body. Therefore she blends in massage techniques to ease mental and emotional pain. With a background in special education, Jordan is also your go-to therapist for younger people, including children on the spectrum for autism or early onset mood disorder.

Jordan Cannon- Massage Styles

  • Very versatile with pressure in order to meet your comfort level.
  • Gliding mixed with spot treatments and kneading so that her work is both healing and relaxing.
  • Slow to medium speed which feels calming.
  • Firm yet gentle to get good results without being too intense.
  • Focused. In other words, can spend an entire session on one or two problem areas.
  • Thorough in order to spend enough time on an area to get results.


  • Graduated from Fortis College massage therapy program in 2019.
  • Took classes in massage for chronic pain, cancer care, and medical massage.
  • Licensed Massage Therapist in Virginia.
  • Member of the AMTA.
  • Member of the National Honor’s Society.
  • Background in working with adult and youth special populations.


Jordan sees many clients who live with chronic pain or chronic illness. Therefore she has developed her massage style to be both relaxing and healing. She can help if you want to ease pain; find a mind-body connection; and relax mentally, emotionally and physically.


Through her work and training, Jordan has helped people with many wellness needs. For example: stress, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, sensory overload, autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, muscle pain and spasm, neck pain, back pain, scoliosis, , shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, headaches/migraines, TMJ Disorder, arthritis, carpal tunnel, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, leg pain, scar tissue, EDS, fibro, and more…
Jordan was fantastic, she was incredibly personable and made feel at ease and comfortable through the entire massage! She also applied the perfect amount of pressure and time on the areas of my back that I discussed I was having issues with.
I would definitely schedule another massage with Jordan and recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist.
– Sawyer Corneal
Jordan is professional, friendly, kind and caring. She truly wants to relieve your pain by loosening tight and knotted muscles. Likewise, she is skilled in both myofascial release and stretching. I would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing chronic pain and, in particular, someone living with fibromyalgia.
– Sue F.

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