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Allison Carmody


Licensed Massage Therapist


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Allison Carmody specializes in helping people manage stress, anxiety, and muscular tension. She uses a blended approach with a Swedish Massage base to help her clients relax and unwind. She gives a special welcome to our collegiate community and the elder population.

Allison Carmody- Massage Styles

  • Moderate pressure in order to meet your comfort level.
  • Gliding mixed with spot treatments so that her work is both healing and relaxing.
  • Slow to medium speed which feels calming.
  • Firm yet gentle to get good results without being too intense.
  • Swedish Massage.
  • Stress Relief.


  • Graduated from the Lotus School of Integrated Therapies massage therapy program in 2020.
  • Took classes in massage for elder care, neuromuscular therapy, and oncology massage.
  • Licensed Massage Therapist in Virginia.
  • Member of the American Massage Therapy Association.


Allison has a special interest in helping collegiate and young adult clients manage the stress they encounter in their busy schedules. She also loves working with retirement-age clients who are seeking massage to ease physical stress. She further plans to pursue a specialty in perinatal massage.


Through her work and training, Allison has helped people with many wellness needs. For example: stress, anxiety, depression, muscle pain and spasm, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, headaches, foot pain, leg pain, EDS, fibro, and more…

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