Start your new year wellness routine off right with a

Back on Track Package

Massage, Yoga, and Nutritional Counseling
new year wellness package
Feel like you need to reset after a busy holiday season?

Get Back on Track

We designed this package to help you get your new year wellness routine back on track with all that Nimbus has to offer. The package includes:

A 90 minute nutritional counseling session.

A 90 minute massage.

Four yoga classes.

All for $50 off the normal rate.

Purchase a Back on Track Package – $295

Nutritional Counseling

Are you ready to start being intentional about your health?

Are you ready to start making changes in your life?

Our Nutritional Therapist will work one-on-one with you to develop a dietary and lifestyle plan to help you meet your goals. Whether you want to explore nutrition as a management tool for a chronic health condition, or simply to feel your best, we can help.

Nutritional Therapy


Do you want to reconnect with your body?

Are you looking for mindful wellness?

Indulge in gentle movement with a yoga class. Our classes are small and semi-private with a lot of attention from our instructor. Choose from our Slow Flow or Yoga for Mere Mortals classes. Stretch, strengthen, and breathe.


Are you ready to let go of pain and tension in your body?

Do you want to push reset on the stress button?

Set your new year off right with a therapeutic massage designed to relax your body and mind. Let go of the tension of the holiday season and look forward to treating your body right.

You can order your Back on Track package online. You will receive a code. You can apply the code when you book your sessions on-line. We can also help you in person or by phone if you prefer.

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