Getting Started with Massage

New to Nimbus? New to Massage Completely?


Regardless of whether you are a veteran of massage, looking for a new therapist, or a complete newbie, we do things differently at Nimbus.

Here’s an orientation

Terminology – Where’s the Swedish and Deep Tissue?
The therapists at Nimbus have a wide variety of massage skills that go beyond Swedish and Deep Tissue. Our focus is on applied massage designed to meet your session goals — what we like to call Targeted Therapeutic Massage. Basically, you tell us what you want to work on and we come up with a plan to target your goals using therapeutic massage techniques. You don’t have to know if you need Swedish, or Neuromuscular Therapy, or Myofascial Release.

Your Session Time – An hour is an hour.
When you book a session at Nimbus, the amount of time you book is your session time on the table. Our intake and check-out processes are in addition to this. So be prepared to spend 15-20 minutes longer with us than the time you book.

Getting with the Program – No “high pressure” sales pitch.
While we have multiple package and membership¬†options that we are happy to discuss with you, and will recommend if they seem to fit your needs, we will not push you to enter into a contract that you don’t want. We are here to serve you and your needs– and hopefully make you so happy that you want to refer all your friends.

Small & Local – With big dreams.
We have some cool long-term programs in the works to bring complementary therapy for pain relief to the scene. As we grow, we will add other evidence-based services to our offerings. We have also developed a “Residency” program for massage therapists akin to those taken by traditional medical providers. Since we currently have a small team that spends a lot of time out of the office and in the treatment room, we have booking, information, and contact forms available on-line. We do welcome your phone call; just make sure you leave a message so that we can call you back if we miss you.

Next Steps

Check out our “Services” list to find your general massage goal. We have some recommendations on how to select a service. You can always call or set up a phone consultation to get more information. We have a dedicated office person every day from 11am to 5pm.

Each of our practitioners has a slightly different touch and skill set. Check out our “About- Our Team” to get a feel for which therapist might be right for you.

When you book you can fill out the intake form right on-line. When you come in, you will sit down with your therapist and have an intake conversation. Your therapist will then design a massage plan for you based on your form and conversation. After your session, your therapist will discuss what they found and any recommendations they have for you.

Check out the Be Well Blog for more information about our different offerings.


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