Polarity, Reiki, or Thai

Energy Work

Balancing mind, body and spirit.

Are you feeling totally exhausted and not like yourself anymore?

Sometimes the pressures of life go past stress and into “burn out” and “major-life-overhaul” territory. Have you realized that you have to make some major shifts in your life?  Perhaps you’ve stepped onto a path of self-awareness and enlightenment?

It might be time for energy work to find you. Nimbus therapists can combine a balancing energy work session with grounding massage to reset you and support you on the next step of your journey.

Book an Energy Work session or a Thai Yoga Massage to address the following:

  • Renewal & Replenishment
  • Nurturing the SoulPerson standing in front of a blurry sunset above the water. They are in profile and shadowed by the light behind them. Their hand is out, as if they are holding the setting sun in the palm of their hand.
  • Deep Meditation & Guidance
  • Burnout
  • Recovery
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Connectedness
  • and more….

Energy work can also be a great way to receive the benefits of therapeutic touch, even if you cannot receive massage for medical reasons.

Many people who reach a major shifting point in their life find the spiritual and emotional aspects of energy work very helpful in facilitating their renewal. In a holistic view of well-being, the mind, body, and spirit are all interrelated.  Therefor, areas of the physical body correspond to emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. Energy work involves the therapist assessing where your energy flow may be weak, blocked, or scrambled.  Then, they use hand placements on or above your body connect with your energy flow to restore it.

Person smiling looking up at the camera. They look calm, with hair blown gently across their face, as if they were standing on a breezy beach.Energy work is innate and intuitive, and we often say it “calls” to those who need it. It can be calming or very intense, but the common wisdom is that whatever your energy work session brings up is something that you are ready and able to work through and release. Prior to starting, think about what you want to bring in to your life, let go of, or “work” on.  You and your therapist will work with this intention in mind during the session.

Some common intentions include: inviting healing for your highest good; letting go of a negative emotion/situation; letting in self-love and self-acceptance; balancing; calming an overactive mind; calling up power and self-confidence for difficult situations…. Really, it can be whatever feels right to you; we at Nimbus won’t judge.

Everyone experiences energy work a little differently. Some common reports includePerson is laying down on a massage table, covered with sheets. Their eyes are closed and they look restful. A massage therapist's hands are hovering next to their head. seeing colors or images, feeling rocking or vibration, sweating, twitching, crying, and laughing.  Additionally, some people feel heat or even the practitioners hands when they are actually not touching the body.

We may blend the session with some grounding massage to bring you back into your body, enhance relaxation, and ease physical pain or tension.

If you just want to try a little taste of energy work and nothing else, we recommend a 30 minute session.

A longer 60 or 90 minute session allows us to combine both energy work and therapeutic massage.

Kassia practices Polarity Therapy, Kristina and Grace practice Reiki, and James practices Thai Massage.

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