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Licensed Massage Therapist


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Light to Very Firm Pressure

Jenni Bachman received advanced-level orthopedic massage therapy training at the University of Richmond, where she studied under some of the area’s best therapists. Jenni believes that massage therapy treatment should be evidence-based, yet intuitive. Since 2012, when she began her massage therapy practice, Jenni has been weaving her lifelong self-study of artists’ anatomy into her therapeutic sensibilities, resulting in a natural feel for human biomechanics.

She sees each client’s story and pathology as a unique puzzle that can be unlocked with creative problem-solving and empathy, much like a living sculpture that with just the right touch, can be persuaded back to wholeness and balance.

Knowing that the client is just as involved as the therapist in the healing process, Jenni adjusts her pressure and technique to suit your comfort level, while gently encouraging you to experience the full range of what massage can do. Hers is a no-nonsense, purely therapeutic approach, blending classic Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, sports, and orthopedic massage techniques, while sometimes integrating Thai bodywork-influenced compressions and stretching. Jenni specializes in  90 Minute and Two Hour Sessions and firm pressure bodywork. She has a flowing style that thoroughly covers the musculature.

In her free time Jenni enjoys cats, playing with vegan food, and taking walks.

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