Licensed Massage Therapist

Grace Holliman

Licensed Massage Therapist


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Very Light to Very Firm Pressure

Grace Holliman uses a blended approach to massage that combines clinical knowledge with intuitive touch. She believes in integrated care and uses massage and energy work to create a session truly designed for each client’s needs. With experience spanning the range from the elder population to athletes, Grace enjoys working with a variety of clients.

Natural Style & Specialties

  • Moderate to firm pressure
  • Gliding plus applied focus with movement therapies
  • Moderate speed
  • Relaxing and therapeutic
  • Oncology Massage
  • Elder & Geriatric Massage
  • Hospice Massage
  • Reiki
  • Wellness Coaching


  • Graduated from American Institute of Massage in 2007 (now Lotus School of Integrated Professions).
  • Completed continuing education in Geriatric Massage, Oncology Intensive Training, Wellness Coaching, End of Life Doula Training, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Licensed Massage Therapist in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Member of the American Massage Therapy Association.
  • Member of the Society for Oncology Massage.
  • Head of the Massage Therapy Department at Lotus School of Integrated Professions.
  • MS in Rehabilitation Counseling.

Stress, anxiety, cancer (active treatment and remission), chronic pain, headaches, hospice/end of life, muscle pain/spasm, maintenance massage for athletes, headaches, neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, pre-natal, scar tissue, PTSD, and more…

We help people get back to the business of living their lives a little bit better through targeted therapeutic massage sessions and programs.

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