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Thai Yoga Massage

Improves overall vitality

You should choose Thai Yoga Massage if …

You want a full body massage.

  • You want to focus intently on stretching and improving range of motion.
  • You want a holistic massage blending body work with energy balancing.
  • You prefer to remain clothed.
  • You do not need to target specific knots.



Thai Yoga Massage improves your overall vitality. This style of massage combines advanced stretching techniques, rocking and pressing massage, and meridian-based energy work to relax and revitalize you. It is particularly good if you want to maintain and improve your flexibility; the Thai Yoga Massage Therapist will stretch you enough to challenge you within your limits. James performs Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai Yoga Massage is its own unique style; James will work with you on a mat on the floor. For this service we ask that you wear loose clothing that allows you to stretch.

Learn more about James and Thai Yoga Massage in the Be Well Blog.

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