Living Leads To Stress

Massage for Stress and Anxiety

A Relaxation Massage Geared To Slowing You Down

Is keeping up with today’s lifestyle taking its toll?

Do you find yourself tensing up for any or no reason? Do you have trouble quieting the “monkey brain?” Have you taken on the care of a loved one?

Basically, living leads to stress, and stress can lead to muscle tension and anxiety. Massage studies indicate that massage can help alleviate short-term and chronic stress as well as situational and clinical anxiety. A relaxation massage geared toward slowing you down and calming your nerves can help break the stress cycle.

The team at Nimbus can help you take it down a notch and settle into a peaceful bliss.

  • High stress job
  • Family dynamics
  • Big exam or project
  • Overactive brain
  • Caretaking
  • Burning the candle at both ends
  • Overachieving
  • PTSD
  • Life events

Stress affects us all and if left unchecked can lead to or exacerbate other health issues including headaches, stomach problems, and heart disease. It has many symptoms including anxiety, depression, irritability, and muscle tension. Luckily, massage helps people lower their perceived stress and feel more at ease. To explore the relationship of stress and massage more fully, read our expanded blog article Massage for Stress.

If stress and anxiety affect your daily life, we recommend a 60 or 90 minute full-body relaxation massage.

For an extra treat, try hot stone massage.

If you have chronic on-going stress or anxiety, we recommend a membership.

Some of the techniques your therapist may employ during a Massage for Stress and Anxiety include: Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Lymph Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Reflexology.


I started going to Nimbus Massage because I had a lot of muscular pain and was experiencing weekly migraines that were brought on by a high level of stress. Over the years my massage therapist has been able to pinpoint many different areas that trigger my pain. Her massages make it possible for me to function! Otherwise, I’d be tied up in knots all the time. I am so thankful that my migraines have decreased to about once a month, and they are much less severe.
– Louise E.

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