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Hot Stone Massage

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Feel the warmth and soothing touch of a Hot Stone Massage.

Turn your relaxation massage up a notch with smooth calming warm stones. The added heat melts muscle tension and enhances deep relaxation. We can’t truly explain the powerful impact this deepened relaxation will have on your overall well-being. It’s benefits are cascading, and subtle. We can tell you the overwhelming feedback is that it feels good. Really really good. Maybe it’s one of those things you need to experience first hand.

Your therapist will use a combination of stone placements, massaging with the heated stones, and massaging with their hands to warm up your muscles, relax your mind, and ease your tension. With the table warmer on and a touch of aromatherapy oil, you will be transported on a 90-minute mini-vacation.

Perfect for warming up during the cooler months. Perhaps after a long day of shopping and slogging through Carytown. Stop in for a Hot Stone Massage at Nimbus. You might even compliment the experience with a cup of hot chocolate from our neighbors down the street at Rostov’s Coffee & Tea. Enhanced relaxation is also great for slowing down during the busy months and gives an added boost to relaxing stubborn tight muscles.

And if you enjoy massage, or consider yourself a wellness enthusiast anyway. Why not try something new? Just to see where it takes you? Turn up the heat on your regular massage with Hot Stones. Book one for yourself or snag a gift card for a friend.

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