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September is Yoga Awareness Month!

Yoga 001

Explore popular yoga poses in-depth. Each class will highlight a handful of poses to learn (or relearn) from the beginning, including background info and proper form. Great for beginners who would like to learn poses in a structured environment.

Wednesdays in September at 5:30pm. Reserve your spot.

Yoga Flow

Our mainstay class. This gentle yoga practice helps you shift into a place of mindfulness and calm. The instructor takes you through a series of poses and designed to help the nervous system unwind and reset.

Saturdays at 10am. Reserve your spot.

Returning in October

Yoga for Mere Mortals

A yoga class designed for people who aren’t “good” at yoga. Can’t touch your toes? No problem! Now you can relax in a small class with others who aren’t naturally bendy.

Wednesdays at 5pm. Reserve your spot.

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